This research is part of a larger project to bring several rooms of the canal house into the appearance of when the art collectors Abraham and Louisa Willet-Holthuysen lived there.
Please don’t hesitate to take a look at the research in progress during your visit to the museum.

The conservatory is situated in the 18th-century annexe at the centre of the garden façade, and is octagonal shaped. The large windows provide lots of daylight in the rather narrow but high room. The chamber has been redecorated in the 1860-70s by the Willets.

One of the first owners of the house, Willem G. Deutz (1697-1757) carried out a thorough modernization of the building from 1739 to 1757, which included the corridor and staircase. In about 1865 Abraham Willet decided to carry out alterations in the corridor at the mezzanine level inspired by Louis XVI style, as well as he did in the other chambers on this floor. In doing this, he maintained many of the marble corridor and staircase of Deutz. Sixteen painted wall decorations were specially made for this corridor by Alfred Colin, a French painter.