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The coming-out of Johnny Jordaan

If you look through the window here, you will see the most famous twentieth century citizens of Amsterdam gathered together in a modern version of a 17th century civic guard portrait*.  Among others: the internationally renowned Anne Frank, Freddy Heineken and Johan Cruyff. lees verder »

Gay persecution and commemoration

The German occupying forces were a great danger to Amsterdam and to the many Jews who lived in the city. The attention given to the massive persecution of the Jews after the war ended, is greater than that given to other persecuted minorities such as the disabled, gypsies and homosexuals. The cruel acts committed against these people are sometimes forgotten in the… lees verder »

Living together as an couple of the same sex

The Building Association for obtaining Private Homes dates from 1868. It was the most productive cooperative society for improvement of public housing in the second half of the nineteenth century. lees verder »

How tolerant is Amsterdam actually?

"All who reside in The Netherlands, will be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on grounds of religion, life principles, political beliefs, race, sex or on any other grounds is prohibited”. lees verder »

A sin was not a crime

If you look down into the gallery, you will see the entry of Emperor Napoleon and his staff in 1811. A large number of officials are lined up at the boundary of the municipality. The Emperor is in the centre on his horse and is holding out his right hand to receive the keys of the city. The mayor offers the keys to him on a cushion. lees verder »

A boy in girls clothing

If you look up, you will see a portrait of a boy although you might not think it is. He is standing in a wooded area holding a bow and arrow in his right hand and in his left, a black dog on a leash. Both boys and girls wore the same kind of clothes, their hair style was the most noticeable difference. Boys can be recognized by their fringe, girls had long hair. lees verder »

'Cruysbaan' for 'sodomites'

The new town hall in miniature, nowadays known as the Royal Palace on Dam Square. This model was used during the construction as an aid for the builders. The inauguration of the building took place in 1655 and the dome was placed ten years later. lees verder »

Secret Garden

In this painting, company troops (often sailors) are going on board near the Montelbaan Tower in Amsterdam. The troops who enlisted for service in The Dutch East India (trading) Company went from here to the Dutch island Texel and from there to the Far East on board large sailing ships. lees verder »

The church as 'cruising-area'

The Oude Kerk (Old Church) that we see here, is situated in the middle of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Nowadays, it is both a church and a cultural centre where various exhibitions are held. This has meant that in past years the Pride Photo Award, an International photo competition on the subject of sexual and gender diversity, was held in one of the oldest… lees verder »

The ideal family type

This painting represents the Amsterdam corn merchant Thomas Gerritzoon Doesburg and his wife Claesje Hendriksdochter Rooclaes with their two children. The traditional family – father, mother and children – was seen as the corner stone of society from 1500 and onwards. lees verder »

EuroPride: COC’s Shakespeare Club bij het Amsterdam Museum

COC Amsterdam en COC Nederland bestaan dit jaar zeventig jaar en zijn daarmee de oudste nog bestaande LGBTI*-organisaties ter wereld. Om dat te vieren, organiseren ze tijdens de EuroPride twee weken lang COC’s Shakespeare Club op de binnenplaats van het Amsterdam Museum. Iedereen is welkom in dit ‘hart van de Pride’, voor een dosis cultuur en muziek, maar ook voor… lees verder »