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Jacob knew how to place his products on the market effectively. He exploited the latest inventions cleverly, by creating large composite woodcut prints for example. He also had an instinct for what different target groups wanted. To the crowds of pilgrims that wondered past his workshop to the Holy City chapel each day, he sold religious prints. Affluent burghers of… lees verder »


Besides his skill as a draughtsman and painter, Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen was also highly ambitious and had a head for business. In a sense, he was a successful cultural entrepreneur. lees verder »


For Jacob, being a master artist meant mastery of a diversity of arts. He made large altarpieces, small panels portraying intimate scenes, portraits, woodcuts, designs for liturgical vestments and stained-glass windows. He also managed a workshop of apprentices and assistants. Moreover he knew how to network, remaining in contact with leading patricians and churchmen… lees verder »


Jacob was a great networker who knew how to find patrons. It was no coincidence that he chose to locate his workshop close to Holy City chapel on Kalverstraat, where the pilgrims flocked. Here he sold religious prints to pilgrims as souvenirs of their journey. As the burgher class grew, he catered to their tastes too, taking private commissions for paintings. Jacob… lees verder »


Jacob’s work is distinguished by his enormous skill and the exceptional quality of his workmanship. He was a technical perfectionist, and at the same time a great storyteller. It is more than evident in his paintings and woodcuts. And he indulged himself in all kinds of details. For example, he included rabbits no larger than a pinhead in the background of one… lees verder »

Welkom achter de schermen

Amsterdams oudst bekende kunstenaar, Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen (ca. 1475-1533), keert na ruim 500 jaar terug naar zijn woon- en werkplaats. Voor het eerst in de geschiedenis wordt er een overzichtstentoonstelling gewijd aan deze Amsterdamse kunstenaar. Benieuwd naar hoe het er achter de schermen aan toe gaat? Op deze blog krijg je dagelijks een kijkje in de… lees verder »