't Mandje was one of the first cafés where homosexual men and women did not have to hide their nature. Kissing, however, was not allowed by Bet. Only on Queens Day, the yearly celebration of the Queen’s birthday, were men allowed to dance with men and women with women.

All kinds of people frequented 't Mandje , whores, pimps, seamen, artists and provincials. Bet died in 1967 and lay in state on her own billiard table. Her sister Greet carried on with the business till heroin destroyed the way of life on Zeedijk.

Here, part of the café interior has been reconstructed, including the ties hanging from the ceiling that were cut off by Bet herself – you were not allowed in if you wore a tie – photo collages and scribbled notes left by customers and visiting cards. Nowadays, ’t Mandje is open once again.