Compilers of the Dutch Pioneers in Turkey exhibition

Gunay Uslu
Gunay was born on 25 October 1972 in Haarlem. She teaches General Cultural Studies at Amsterdam University (UvA). Her subjects include cultural heritage, museum studies and cultural policy. She is currently working on her doctorate about Homer, Troy and the Turks: the role Homeric heritage and Troy played in Turkish culture 1870-1915. She also operates her own company Gunay Uslu Projects Art & Culture, providing advice and organising cultural projects for and with various cultural institutions in Amsterdam. At present she is working with Allard Pierson Museum helping to curate an exhibition on Troy: The City, Homer and Turkey (opens 6 December 2012).

Geert Snoeijer
Geert Snoeijer was born on 1 August 1968 in IJsselmuiden. Following a brief career as a lawyer, Geert Snoeijer changed course to focus on his passion, photography. He is mainly interested in documentary portraiture, particularly in portraying people who have become alienated and how they interact with their social and cultural environment. In 2009, he began looking in New York for traces of Dutchness in the physiognomy of people whose ancestors had settled in America in the seventeenth century. It was from the same concept that the idea for the Dutch Pioneers in Turkey developed.