Digital artworks find their way more and more into public collections. Museums, collectors and archives see themselves increasingly confronted with the questions and challenges related to presenting and preserving digital art. Technological environments, such as hardware and software, are constantly changing. Artworks adapt or perish. Collections do not yet have much experience in dealing with these type of artworks; artists and producers do, but their focus lies not in archiving. How to bridge this gap? Through collaborations between artists, museums and archival professionals, scholars and collections we want to share our knowledge. What new strategies can we develop in order for born-digital art to become future proof?

In the scope of the collaborative research project ‘FUTURE PROOF Media Art’ with Dutch media artist Geert Mul, in which LIMA researches software based artworks and interactive media artworks by Mul, the two-day symposium ‘FUTURE PROOF!? Transformation Digital Art 2017’ will take place, on February 8 and 9 at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

Since the symposium ‘Transformation Digital Art 2016’ and the documentary film ‘Digital Art who Cares?’ in cooperation with the Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art and the Dutch Museums, LIMA continued her research. New insights and the next steps will be presented during the symposium ‘FUTURE PROOF!? Based on previous research conducted by LIMA and several partners on digital artworks from various artists and collections, practical protocols, sustainable storage, and recently documentation strategies for software and interactivity are being developed. Also, archiving strategies for media artists are being explored. International state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies will be presented and discussed during the symposium in a programme that consists of keynotes, workshops and panel discussions. Furthermore, we invite you to share your own research or case studies with us in the Pecha Kucha.

Line up
We are pleased to announce the following names of artists, conservators, researchers and curators who will contribute to the symposium; Jon Ippolito (Professor of New Media, University of Maine), Geert Nm Mul (artist), Jochem Van Der Spek (artist), Sabine Himmelsbach (HeK, Basel), Gaby Wijers (LIMA), Rachel S. Miles (LIMA), Julia Noordegraaf (University of Amsterdam), Claudia Röck (NACCA), Tjarda de Haan (Amsterdam Museum), Tom Ensom (King’s College, London), Klaus Rechert (University of Freiburg), Patricia Falcao (UK, Tate Modern) and Florian Cramer (NL, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), Annet Dekker (University of Amsterdam), Eef Masson (University of Amsterdam), Marcel Ras (NCDD) and Ward Janssen (MOTI).


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