Interactive technology like audio guides and interactive apps can change the museum world. They can be introduced to make sure a museum visit caters better to the needs of the public. They provide possibilities for interaction, participation and even co-creation. Besides these advantages they make it possible to provide several different solutions within one and the same exhibition for multiple target audiences. Since these technologies are quite new to museums it is not always clear how they can best be used in the most effective way or which functionality they should provide to visitors.

Developing these tools and applications requires a whole new way of working within the museum field. There should be more experimentation, there should be more collaborations between museums and its suppliers, and also with the audience. And we should think of smarter ways to be able to experiment without investing enormous amounts of money.

Amsterdam Museum works according to these insights. There is no reason to wait with implementing innovations and they would like to share their experiences . In this workshop they will first explain their overall view on the use of new technologies and tools. Introducing the different tools and platforms and show how they currently use them, including the Podcatcher platform from Guide ID. The Podcatcher audio guide is a simple device that is easy to use for both the museum and its visitors. It provides the museum with a lot of freedom to use and conduct experiments.

Facilitators will ask delegates to listen to examples they have made and conclusions they have drawn and will share the financial aspect and reactions from their visitors. Delegates are invited to create audio content to create a tour and understand how different audio stops can be developed when taking into account that they are catering to different perspectives. Using the same tools they use in the Amsterdam Museum, the tour will be available for all MuseumNext visitors at the Guide ID stand.


Date: June 28
Time: 10:30 - 12:30
Location: Workshop Room 3, De Doelen, Schouwburgplein 50 Rotterdam
Tickets: This workshop is part of the Museumnext conference. Visit for more information about tickets and prices.